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ibuyart is purchasing early California Plein Air paintings and other American Impressionist works of art dating from the late 1800's to the 1970's centuries. I am a private collector / dealer of early California/American art. Although my main focus is the California/American Scene art painted during the 1930s until the late 1950s, I am also an avid collector of the American Impressionist, Post Impressionist and Bay Area Figurative movements. Some of my favorite artists are Emil Kosa Jr., Rex Brandt, George Post, Alfred Mitchell, Millard Sheets, Tom Craig, Barse Miller, Phil Dike, Ed Reep, William Wendt, Maurice Braun. Sydney Laurence, Paul Sample, Roger Kuntz, Richard Diebenkorn, Donald Teague, William Griffith and Charles Reiffel. Since I am a private buyer with little overhead and my primary goal is to add to my American Art collection (not resell everything I buy for a profit), I can offer a higher price for your painting than most other dealers & fancy (high overhead) art galleries. I buy outright and always offer immediate payment for your early California Watercolor, California Plein Air, American Impressionist and Bay Area Figurative paintings. This means you won't have to wait several months (or longer) for consignments to sell or auctions to end before you receive your money! ibuyart is interested in purchasing artist estates, family estates, entire collections or individual paintings with prices ranging from $200.00 to $1,000,000.00+. Please contact me immediately if you have an oil painting or watercolor painting by Rex Brandt, Phil Dike, Emil Kosa Jr., Barse Miller, Millard Sheets, Tom Craig, Ed Reep, George Post, William Wendt, Maurice Braun, Sydney Laurence, Donald Teague, William Griffith, Roger Kuntz, Richard Diebenkorn, Paul Sample or any of the other California or American artists I have listed on this site.
  These are some of the artists I collect  
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Karl Albert - California Plein Air Painter
Karl Albert
Standish Backus Jr. - California Watercolorist
Standish Backus Jr.
Dana Bartlett - California Impressionist
Dana Bartlett
Arthur Beaumont - Maritime Artist
Arthur Beaumont
Franz Bischoff - California Plein Air Painter
Franz Bischoff
Lee Blair - California Style Watercolorist
Lee Blair
Carl Oscar Borg - California Painter
Carl Oscar Borg
Rex Brandt - California Watercolor Painter
Rex Brandt
Maurice Braun - American Impressionist
Maurice Braun
Benjamin C. Brown - Landscape Painter
Benjamin C. Brown
Alson Skinner Clark - American Impressionist
Alson Skinner Clark
Tom Craig - California Artist
Tom Craig
Watson Cross, Jr. - Jr. California Watercolorist
Watson Cross, Jr.
George Gibson - California Artist
George Gibson
Hardie Gramatky - Disney Artist
Hardie Gramatky
Paul Grimm - California Desert Painter
Paul Grimm
Anna Althea Hills - California Impressionist
Anna Althea Hills
Frank Tenney Johnson - Johnson Western Painter
Frank Tenney Johnson
Dong Kingman - Chinese American Watercolorist
Dong Kingman
Emil Kosa Jr. - California Artist
Emil Kosa Jr.
Roger Kuntz -
Roger Kuntz
Wayne La Com - California Style Watercolorist
Wayne La Com
Paul Lauritz - California Plein Air Painter
Paul Lauritz
Jack Laycox - California Painter
Jack Laycox
Nat Levy - Watercolor Artist
Nat Levy
Arthur Frank Mathews - Bay Area Tonalist
Arthur Frank Mathews
Ben Messick - California Regionalist
Ben Messick
Barse Miller - American Regionalist
Barse Miller
Alfred Mitchell - California Impressionist
Alfred Mitchell
Carl Moon - Painter of American Indians
Carl Moon
Phil Paradise - California Regionalist
Phil Paradise
James Patrick - California Watercolor Painter
James Patrick
Charles Payzant - Disney Artist
Charles Payzant
George Post - California Style Watercolorist
George Post
Ken Potter - California Watercolor Painter
Ken Potter
Hanson Duvall Puthuff - California Impressionist
Hanson Duvall Puthuff
Noel Quinn - California Watercolorist
Noel Quinn
Ed Reep - California Watercolor Painter
Ed Reep
Guy Rose - California Impressionist
Guy Rose
Paul Sample - American Regionalist
Paul Sample
Millard Sheets - California Artist
Millard Sheets
Raimonds Staprans -
Raimonds Staprans
Anna Heyward Taylor - Charleston Artist
Anna Heyward Taylor
Robert E. Wood - California Watercolorist
Robert E. Wood
Milford Zornes - California Watercolor Pioneer
Milford Zornes